CSR Activity


Hot summer, morning office hours, heavy traffic, sweating out, hearing a siren sound of an emergency vehicle little far behind you, what you will do? You empathise and rush to your office or blaming the other person who not giving way for the emergency vehicle or once the ambulance crosses you rush behind it to reach your destination faster. The reaction of the public is mixture of everything. People wanted to help out, but don’t know how to do or what to do!!! Here comes the “ORAM PO”, a community project by the people, to the people and for the people initiated by Narendran, an entrepreneur who is one among you wanted to create awareness about it and bring in the change on road discipline. Out of the participation in Self Expression Leadership Program of Landmark and the impact he faces daily on the roads during traffic hours in the city, he initiated this project. The tag line of the project says it all “Give way, Give Life”, this initiative brings in awareness among public about giving way to emergency vehicles and form a set of volunteers who are common public to execute this, and they provide a volunteer training to excel in the same.

As a citizen, it is our responsibility to stand for the people and care for the people. By this ORAM PO project, many lives will be saved, blood loses will be saved, by helping the emergency vehicles to reach the hospital on time . Life is full of uncertainty, we all need to be equipped enough to handle uncertain situations which happens around us. To be a part of this initiative, send WhatsApp message "I AM IN ORAMPO" to  99621 55401, or mail to  reachorampo@gmail.com