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A destination to sell your product or service through Branding ideas.

Straight Circle, a circle which gives solutions for your brand’s needs in the name of Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Creative Graphic Designs, Brand Promotions, Brand Analysis, Brand Image Building, Media Planning, Business Ideation and more on.

Straight Circle has a team of skilled and talented youngsters who believe in smart work rather than hard work, but we work hard to be smart. Straight Circle focusing mainly on Creative Consultancy Services for more than 10 years.



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Narendran J

Founder & Brand Consultant – Straight Circle


Support Director Consultant – BNI, Chennai CBDA

Regional Branding Co-ordinator, BNI Chennai CBDA

Past President - Lions Club of Chennai Nesam City, Dist. 324-A1

Founder, Wings of Women

Brand Logo

With a success of creating 500+ logos, we create Brand Identity for several Business Start-ups, MNCs and FMCG Brands. Brand Logo is the first face value of a company and we have over a decade of experience in crafting brand logos like an art. Each Brand Logo crafted by us is Unique and has its own story of evolution and justification.

Brand Strategy

Planning is the basic and an important ingredient for Business Growth.  We have a team of expertise on board to strategize for the Brand and bring it to the next level. A well-defined and executed brand strategy aids all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions and modest environments.

Brand Merchandising

We are experts in providing solutions for our customers in retaining them through Brand Merchandising Services. We thrive to give a sustainable brand recalling activity through merchandising from Pen to Paper, Shirt to Executive Bags, Gadgets to Cooling pads and many more in customized varieties.

Brand Positioning

Target or Preferred audience and existence of the competitors are the most important things required to position a Brand. Understanding their geographic segmentation, their tastes, competition in the market, the pain point of the customers and the list goes on. We have positioned few brands in the market, and have increased their visibility in the market.

Brand Promotions

The consumer psychology is the key to effective Brand Promotions. With our creative team, we strategize and do brand promotions which influence the consumers and their buying decisions. From creating attractive packaging, presentation, collaterals, regular campaigns, teasers to more effective promotional activities.

Creative Graphic Design

Our creativity is our focal point. We have been successful in providing Creative Graphic Design Services. We have a dedicated creative team to create innovative design concepts, illustrations, infographics, attractive creative promotions and the list is unstoppable.

Brand Retainer Service

Maintenance is required for product; this applies to Brands also. We provide annual brand retainer service for our clients, where the brands require regular campaigns and promotions to be made. We have tailored service package according to the requirement of each Brand, and same will be decided after a study and research.

Media Planning

A right tool helps create a beautiful sculpture. The same applies to Brands, which require the right media to give it a perfect reach, visibility and sales. Our experts, who had more than a decade of experience in the field of Exclusive Media Planning, will help you establish in the market through the right brand strategy through Media planning services.

Value added Services

We collaborated with few partners to provide other value-added services to our clients in order to offer them one stop solution. Our value-added services are Printing, Signage, Corporate Gifts, Content Writing, Social Media Promotions, Media Ads Releasing, Photography, Audio Visual / Video Works, Web design & Development etc.